Every individual exhibitor accesses SEM thanks to the codes issued by the organiser, and can then immediately view all information necessary for his participation in the event.

• View the complete layout of his own stand, and by using the intuitive drop-down menu he can furnish the area choosing from the various available furnishings by double clicking them and placing them as desired.

• The system differentiates between furnishings already included in the price, and those at an additional cost.

• Upload desired graphics and logos for the stand, with just a few clicks.

• The powerful 3D engine then brings the project to life, permitting the exhibitor to have a clear and realistic idea of the stand which can be rotated and manipulated however desired.

• All of the furnished stands then go to compose the executable layout. The successful outcome of this is guaranteed by the services of BD Expo. At the opening of the event, every exhibitor will find his stand outfitted exactly as requested, complete with company logos and graphics.

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